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WATCH: Janelle Monae - Cold War [Official Video]

  • August 04, 2010
    WATCH: Janelle Monae - Cold War [Official Video]

    Check out Janelle's latest video off The ArchAndroid album in stores right now!

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on August 04, 2010

Check out Janelle's latest video off The ArchAndroid album in stores right now!


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I wonder what she is saying in the beginning...
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I love your work Janelle. Please do not say good bye anytime soon.
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I suffer with you, I've been watching your eyes on the video. is something incredible
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It's deep when a piece of work affects me as a listener, but it moves me even more when I know how precious it is to its creator. You had already made yourself transparent by giving us your art; but here, you've stripped yourself down to your bare essence, and shared your soul... For this I thank you!
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What i was waiting to see for a long long time: An Artist. The music, the words and the emotions in their human simplicity. Thank you.
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It is amazing. Having watched it over and over, I showed it to an actress friend of mine, and she summed it up nicely: "This is something very special". I agree. I love it. Lot's of respect from me to you. And thank you.
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We share the same tears.
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I love this song, love that face..
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please never stop janelle, if you stop my heart stops with you, and i will 4ver love you :) This video, your work is art
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Wow! All I can say is "thank you",Ms.Monae, for allowing us to catch a glimpse of how much this song really means to you; all done without affectations. Transmission received.
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I lo lo love it! So much emotion and passion in that beautiful face. Lovely.
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yay!!!! i've awaiting her next video and i'm sure it's gonna be amazing! i'm so looking forward to it!
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this video is gonna be epic i can tell
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:D yay i hope its as good as i think it would be