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Janelle Monae Performed "Tightrope" On Dancing With The Stars!!!

  • September 28, 2010
    Janelle Monae Performed "Tightrope" On Dancing With The Stars!!!

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on September 28, 2010


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Holy crap! That was the best performance that's ever been on Dancing With The Stars!
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ROCKIN! I want to start a Facebook campaign for Janelle to do the next JAMES BOND movie theme song. Check out her "Sincerely Jane" song as exhibit A.
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I must say I love the face shes getting publicity. This perfomace is just half of what she has to offer live. It she's ever in your city check her out. I like "Tightrope" although I dont think it showcases her vocal ability til the very end. People have the slightest of what is is capable of most hink of her as the chick who dances. Not only does she dance she can blow. She has a long career ahead of her.. I pray she stays true to herself. BTW she's very attractive, and her wartrobe is sick l must get me a blazer. Monae KEEP KILLIN EM!
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Sydney I agree, would've like to see more dancing, but I Loved Loved Loved the performance! Each performance she gives is so different and amazing. Her crew is so talented, and I can never get enough of seeing Tightrope performed, or any song for that matter. Great job Janelle and crew!
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To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in the way they shot this. It was difficult to see Ladia and other other dancers (sorry, I don't know their names). It's called "Dancing" with the stars. Although the horn section sounded nice...I wanted to see the dancers tear it up!
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Jane SLAYED! She sounded great and the dance moves were on point! This is my favorite Tightrope performance from her vocally! Jane is AWESOME!
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Reason number #854,776 why Jane is the sh*t.