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Janelle Monae Feels Bilal’s Voice Is “Like Van Gogh”

  • August 02, 2010
    Janelle Monae Feels Bilal’s Voice Is “Like Van Gogh”

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on August 02, 2010


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Wow. You and Bilal are my favorite current artists. And it's great to hear that you appreciate him as well. It was a pleasure to meet you here in Phoenix and I can't wait to see you headlining. Keep up the great work! Stay blessed.
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Hey J., Me again! What's the deal? I dig the tears. Where THEY trying to take you to. The route of the rest? Did your Mama really write you and say they gone crazy in KC? I think, I'm gon go back and listen to Sincerely, Jane Again.
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Hey J., you're the most. Remember though; this is a "Cold War"; and I know you know what you're fighting for! Right?! "Sincerely, Jane"?
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Bilal and Janelle together... On a track like.. His "Sometime" and Her "Oh Maker" combined? *faints* -- Lord make a way, Lol. I like that word "Anointed" Miss Jane, :) Ahh, true artistry...I just adore it! @TheeSoleilStarr .