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Locked Inside

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on May 17, 2010

Locked Inside

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I'm locked inside
A land called foolish pride
Where the man is always right
He hates to talk but loves to fight
Is that all right?

On real cold days
He loans us lots of hate
But he says that we must pay
To take it all away
Is that ok?

But I'm asking you will you stay with me
In this land where we are free
And I know it's rough and you've had enough
But one day we'll be happy

When I look into the future
I see danger in it's eyes
Hearts of hatred rule the land
While others left outside
Killing, Bleeding Citizen
While music slowly dies
And I get frightened I, see I get frightened

Oh how, oh how I need you baby
You keep me from going crazy
I really need you baby, need you to stay
Oh how, oh how I love you baby
These people are so crazy
I really need you baby, need you to stay

Verse 2:
She always fights, for her man but not her rights
Even though it's 3005
When will we end this genocide?
And that'€™s not right

Her children cry
No food to eat and afraid as flies
The color black means it's time to die
And nobody questions why
Cause they'€™re too scared to stop them now


When I look into the future
I see danger in it's eyes
Babies die before they'€™re born
And no one ever smiles
The writers and the artists, all are paid to tell us lies
To keep us locked inside, they keep us locked inside


I can make a change
I can start a fire
Lord, make me love again
Father, fill me with desire

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cool! i love how she uses the sampling! very funky!

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Another good song this album that i can truly relate to on another level

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I'm from south america and in Sony channel i listened her song :-) . Now that i am listening the entire song i can only say that this is very funky, with perfect changes and in the end is like hear a little of Santana and after going back to a very good pop end. keep in that way.

Noirgirl's picture

I think you are talking to me right now! Lol!

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my golden lady...