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Janelle Monae


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Janelle Monae


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how did i just hear about you? i have alot of research to do. your music is so brilliant.

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Hey, my name is Will Reed and my older brother has been truly inspired by your music. His name is Dustin Reed and he is an art major at SCAD, and has illustrated many comic sequences as well as design covers inspired by you and your music. Is it possible that you would be willing to contact him and give us your thoughts on his designs? Dustin would consider it a great honor to even get to talk to you and get your opinion. Please consider this as I know it means the world to him to be inspired by you and he would adore the chance to meet one of his biggest icons! Thank you so much!

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IMHO, one of the best performers yesterday at the Grammy. I wish I still lived in Amsterdam to catch the show at Melkweg. Are there any shows in the US? Would love to catch a live act.

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Hamburg / Germany 12/15/2010 : thank you and your outstanding band very much for the best concert i ever saw in my life...I wish you the best

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Janelle is an outstanding performer and I always enjoying seeing her perform. I wait with anticipation to see what she will do next. Even more importantly, I am impressed with her communication skills and how articulate she is during interviews. It is wonderful to see her set such a positive example for other young people no matter what career choices they make. I wish her nothing but the very best and I am sure she has a very bright future.

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Just wanted to congratulate you on your awardat the soutrain awards! You are a true inspiration to myself and I'm sure many more other people struggling in this peculiar journey called life!! Blessing to you!


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hey can't wait til u cum 2 st. louis

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Hello, 21 year old college student here... I heard an NPR interview with you, and I really like your music, it even reminded me of the Grateful Dead for a moment. I was fascinated when you mentioned that you believe in time travel! me too! I recommend a book called "The Star Rover" by Jack London, which is a fascinating and believable account of time travel, that it also based on a true story! If you wish to correspond further with me, just comment on my page! Please do!

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I haven't purchased any music in 3 years -- today I bought three of Janelle's work. I wish you the best Janelle, thank you for being so amazingly talented

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Seriously.....i found her through miss that website soo much...but if it was for that website...and
people telling other people to look Janelle Monae up....i would be missin' out....
seriously her unreleased album....'The Audition" is amazin' and what she's doin' now it great....FANS KEEP ON SUPPORTING HER!!!! WE WANT HER TO BE ON TOP!

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Thank God For Janelle. Saviour of real music :)
Thoughtful, current, energising and way-talented!!!

Peace, folks.

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Man I had the day from hell and Tightrope and Cold War got me through...thanks Janelle Monae

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I Just Wanna Say Janelle Monae Is The Sexiest Diva Out Today.... And Her Songs Are Crazy.....

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Janelle, I am adopting you a my cosmic abductee hero-daughter. I know you been to outer-space and have come back to save the planet in the the tradition of Sun Ra from the earthly "Magic City". You are absolutely marvelous with eyes to the skies and changing the future.

You have arrived like a comet. a true star, while most others are meteorites. A quick flash and breif trail across the sky and they crash and burn. You will one day go nova, then collapse into a black hole and drag us to new dimensions. That is what true art is. I hover on your event horizon, baby, waiting for your chocolate treats.

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Love, keep doing what yins do so well. You are fierce and fabulous, and I look forward to the day I get to see yins perform live!!!

A blessing for you: may you always do what you love, and may it bring happiness, abundance and success. In the words of my leather brother, "swish and flick!"

Infinite love, joy, and blessings,


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