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Where have her tweets gone?

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on August 26, 2011

I'm just wondering if her week has been alright...

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She Speaks

Blind Ambition

Feeling Shakespearean, hoping Fair Monae speaks again
A phrase for me would only keep me amongst thoughts sane
Or some saying that her future can rest with me
Tomorrows sought today, in short, such as calling me Amory
Dazzling concepts a profile owns; and I want to use my seal
Permanent messages locked in her, read to a chill
Cloaked in cape she levitates on a line flying with a spin
She flies, it’s Jane and I hope she’s heading where she begins
West of all that is east having faith in a chance
Better today’s giving hope for one which we share a dance
At least a glance should be held in palms meant to hold on
Multitasked pupils handling some conversation
Seen if shown that blind titles still define the scribe written
Maybe of a rib that took place in the design you were given
The brief wonders of one hoping to have learned
Words of a fool for she whom he wishes had some in return

Amorist Words Grim

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Yea its been about two weeks since she has tweeted something and i like to know how my favorite artist is doing

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I was wondering the same thing.