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    (Mar 3, 2010)
    What have you heard?  Whats the buzz on Janelle? Comment below and let us know.
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on March 15, 2010

What have you heard?  Whats the buzz on Janelle?

Comment below and let us know.

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I've heard she's been dating this guy for a while. I wonder who. 'You were my everything' sounds like a heartbreak.

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Janelle Monae strikes me as a very private individual--she's one of the very few artists I can't imagine there being any tabloid-esque junk leaked about...and for that, I'm glad. =)

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I DEFFFFF agree with Blueberry Mary &RebeKah.....nonetheless peace, blessings, and positivity...hope u guys witness her live! :D

blueberry mary's picture

i haven't heard anything other than things pertaining to her musical career. and that's part of the reason i think she's just so cool. who would wish tabloid rumors on anyone? may janelle monae's career be long-lasting, fruitful, filled with every success and joy, and be filled with as little tabloid rumors as humanly possible.

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I've been doing some writing about musicians who make songs about their dream experiences. I thought Janelle might be interested since she's into making music about her dreams. She can find it at Bjork's facebook page under >>Discussions, what is she on about? I've studied all of Janelle's lyrics and have seen a couple of her video's at this point in spacetime and couldn't help but wonder what Janelle's dream experiences were exactly. Whether she experienced any of the dream's characters in first person view, such as the Archandroid or Anthony Greendown? I've interpreted from her lyrics that she has experienced a dream lover. It's a very common phenomenon that I see pop up in music. It's in most of Bjork's work and in the work of new artist's like Phantogram, and possibly maybe a really new artist that goes by the name Jane Pixelle. I don't exspect to be able to ever confirm any of my theories since dreams like these are usually desired to remain private. However, I wanted to bring awareness to Janelle, to have a look around and see that there are some other artists who are doing similar things. Bjork is a very collaborative artist and might be interested in lending a hand to Janelle on her project "Dance Or Die, the eighteen-chapter ArchAndroid music video collection".

Phantogram, Running From The Cops lyrics:

"My dreams, they never come true
And if they ever, ever do
It's never you
I want to come home
I want to mend
And all those old feelings are all coming back again

My dreams are hard to press on
And when I'm driving down the road
I'm not in control
I want to let go
I want to shake hands
With the person that's responsible for this master plan
I know I will, I know I can

My dreams will never come true
And if they ever, ever do
It's never you
My dreams will never come true
And if they ever, ever do
It's never you"

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if she is, it wouldnt be a surprise really, since the most creative artists are..

but, i think she's not..but again, it doesn't matter to me

she's a goddess!

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Folks wanna know her personal business. I'm not interested. ...well, maybe a little. I just don't want the attention diverted from her talent and I DEFINITELY don't want her to become apart that silly,celebrity chatter/gossip and drama scene. That's what makes her so appealing; that she doesn't tell her business. Very smart, classy and cool.

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exciting, gifted, ultra attractive
greater than who? waiting to know.