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Many Moons Official Video

Many Moons Official Video

Many Moons Official Video

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on March 11, 2010
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Many Moons Official Video

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Fantastic music
Fantastic instrumental
Fantastic vocal
Fantastic dance
Fantastic vision
It smells like musical.

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AWEINSPIRINGLY PHENOM! And cute and sexy too!!! Girl You BLESSED!!! Keep moving people, and they will eventually see where you trying to take them! Your message is clear to those of us who knew you were coming! The messenger has arrived!

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this is first song ive ever heard from janelle monae.....and from then i kno she knew me...and it was history from you and look up to yuh as my own friend and family member

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PUH-LEASE come to Indianapolis! If you need me to, I'll pull some strings to garauntee a solid fan base. Just please don't pass us up....Well at least, until my license gets reinstated. By the way, I kinda expect the Archandroid album case to be one of those booklet extraordinaire type of deal. Nonetheless, the music got me high, and I gotta drug test comin' up soon. You owe me a job.

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*sigh* you are the first burst of air after one has been submerged under water near to the point of drowning.........thank you

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I have seen many things in this world. I truly believe that my perception of things is quite unique, and seldomly wrong. After watching your video of Tightrope, I was truly inspired. Who knew that so close to my birthday that I would get to see and bear witness to "Funky Incarnate".

Keep dancing beautiful! I will be buying your album as soon as I get paid!

Im a fool for love; most of the time it just bites me in the ass, but at least I keep moving forward and stay true to myself.

Truly inspiring, Many Blessings

-James ilardi II

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Dear Miss Monae,

I think it is appropriate to address you personally since here seems to be right place.

It is difficult to describe what I feel when listening to your music. The impression to witness someone who is "special" would not be a truely original, if nonetheless completely true statement.

The interesting thing is what makes your music, performance and overall artistic surrounding special for me: It is the feeling to watch an artist who, while seeming to have a wide range of inspirations and experience, is so at home in her own creativity that she truely does not depend on outer inputs, but is able to weave a perfectly harmonious complexity of sound, dance and presentation all by and from herself and, additionally, makes the wonderful poetic construction of spanning a tale over several songs and more than one album.

Creating something new is easy, since there are many things not done yet. But creating something new that is, right from the beginning and in every aspect, completely harmonious and is hinting at the fact that the idea behind it was, at the same time, uniquely formed and perfectly realized, is something the world does not see often.

Such a way to create is, in every genre, being it literature, poetry or music, reserved for the true greats, and of those there are not many.

I think you are one of those.

It may be that I only heard your songs for the first time today, but nonetheless those are my thoughts about them. I could be delighted that I learned to know of you before you become known to a wider public, but truely I don't care.

While I wish you the best to become as widely recognized as possible, for me personally it does not matter if the public comes to see it like me or not. In a way, it would be like worrying if Mozart is currently popular.

It is only the self-sufficent and truely satisfying experience of watching and listening that matters.

Best wishes

Simon R.

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Cant wait to see you with Badu and N.E.R.D

Na na na na na na na na na na Naaaa!!!

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Love your music. When are you doing a Canadian tour?