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The ArchAndroid

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May 17, 2010
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Among the lots of comments on your articles. Thanks for sharing.I really enjoy reading them every day. I’ve learned a lot from them.

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Just discovered this amazing, timeless artist, and already anxiously awaiting the next installment!

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I'd like U in Italy soon !! Love your sound...

bellavonna's picture

best album I've heard in forever! Thank you for daring to be different!

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why can't i buy anything on here can't even contact anyone to for help

Gorad's picture

Great album!

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just gotta say THANK YOU!!!!! saw you at glastonbury last year and you blew my mind! been listening every day since. AMAZING doesn't even come close but its all i can change the world

godsculpture01's picture

The Audition; Loved It!
Metropolis; Loved It!
The Archandroid; Adored It!

My top 3 Songs; Mushrooms & Roses,
Many Moons
And My Favorite Nothing

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Cold War was my ringtone for 2011!

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I listen to your album EVERYDAY!!!!!! I can't wait to see you at the Afro-Punk Festival. :)

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I have rarely seen music that I consider worth paying for. Love the style, love the theme, really artistic and really inspired. Wish you would come to Montreal and also wish I had more money so I could buy the tickets haha. (I'll post this on the other album's comments to because they are both included in my thoughts)

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I saw you in concert with Bruno Mars in Vegas. I was amazed by your beauty & talent. I've been telling EVERYBODY about you! You are such an inspiration~ Keep up the good work!

mushroomsnroses's picture

hi janelle i wish i could do as much as the guy n his wife to support your music, but your music makes me feel soooo like your telling my feelings but its like me n a past or future life all of your tracks i just absoutely love i bet i could sing any one u picked justt off the top of your head..... i wish i had as much feeling n talent as u to EXPRESS......

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Hi Janelle, The first time my wife and I saw you was a few months ago on Centric in your Tightrope video. We liked it right away. We saw you in Kansas City over the Memorial Day weekend with Bruno Mars. Your performance was great! We hope to see you again in Omaha, NE in September. Keep doing your own thing and keep it clean. We like your style.

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Milwaukee tonight: good golly, miss Molly. I don't think the Eagles Club Ballroom has seen anything like that since Buddy Holly in '59. I think I lost my jaw on the floor in there. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'I Want You Back' was spectacular. Where do we go to bid on the paintings?

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I'm curious as to why you don't have your first album, The Audition up here. I've heard it and I think it is amazing and the fans would love to hear it. Just wondering why.

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I just saw you yesterday when you came to my school, Stony Brook. I love, love, love, loved! your performance, such talent, such energy, & your dancing! Just awesome! I've known about you for a couple years, but i am a definite lifetime fan now. Much love

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Real music sounds Real good.
btw we're soulmates - waiting for you to catch on.
greetings from America!!

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great music (cold war) I love it keep up with the spirit.
greeting's from Kenya

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Congrats for your music! I love it! Grettings from Spain.

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"Cold War" is a huge pillar of support for me. Thank you for sharing it - my life has literally changed thanks to it. Your beauty, your grace and your vision are overwhelming and powerful and I am so happy I found your music.

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The store is not working we can't buy anything T.T

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love you music continue doing the good work. oh and another thing when you coming to JAMAICA?

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thank you

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Loved the show at the Roundhouse, Camden, London! I first heard Janelle whilst on holiday in Barbados - singing Tightrope in April 2010. Every since then I tried to see her live but could never get tickets. I've since introduced Janelle to my 3 children aged 30, 25 and 23... it's not always the younger ones who appreciate true talent. Janelle, you have a mature following too! Love the rock/soul vibe... keep rocking it!

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Loved this album. Your theme for this album is so artistic and different from a lot of the other artists out there. I can't wait to see more of your creativity in future albums. =)

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Ms. Lady....Your performance on the Grammys has left me speechless! Your band, Bruno, and B.O.B. did an amazing job!! I have watched that performance 10 times and each time it leaves me with a smile on face!! I have never been a person that has ran out and brought CD's. I have purchased four CD's my entire life: Tupac, Makaveli; Lauryn Hill, Miseducation; Robin Thicke, Evolution; and Adele, 19...but I will be adding Janelle Monae, Archandroid to that list! Bravo, Beautiful Lady, Bravo!!!