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The ArchAndroid

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May 17, 2010
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Kells77's picture

Can i just say that your uniqueness is amazing. I love how creative your are. You are not afraid to step outside the box. This album is amazing. :)

Really Digg'in it's picture

And I forgot to should raise your prices for the products you are selling...the buying bus is getting ready to pull up! And start planning another US Tour!!! We can't wait for the opportunity to see you live!! Way to go Kansas City, Kansas Girl!!!

Really Digg'in it's picture

The Grammy performance is going to take this wonderful women and her band to another planet. As they have taken us on the journey of a lifetime!! This album and others will go down in musical history. I'm all ready for the ride of the century..if only I can quit dancing long enough to put my seat belt on!!! WOW!!!

Mauricio's picture

Janelle você tem muito talento ,que Deus te abençoe e desculpe postar em português.

Torchy Blane's picture

Musical genius indeed. Keep it up, can't wait for the next album. I hope it's another sci-fi one.

Scintiustullius's picture

This album is off the chains one of the top ten best of 2010 hands down. She really delivers on this album and the story goes deeper and gets even richer and more intricate. Loved it truly

diamondrustler's picture

Sorry, I was speaking on 'Tightrope'. I also love Oh, Maker! Keep the music coming and I wil continue to buy!

diamondrustler's picture

OMG! This is the hottest song out there right now! You are a musical genius! Just purchased the CD! This CD should be at the top of the charts!

MissyKay's picture

Amazingly inspiring - I thank you for the music that enables the youth and future generations to open their eyes and minds with arms wide open! Don't ever stop we need more dedicated talent in the music industry. I am in Australia and witness the day to day struggle in the music "scene" here, it is controlled and volatile - it hurts me soul but I stay strong in knowing I will make a difference here. So thank you for the encouraging music!

Sirjo's picture

@ The DIgital Gardener: I don't know 'bout that mile thing...but i do agree with U. It's like Robert Heinlein meets James Brown and then some.

Bossceo's picture

Tightrope's d hautest track on planet earth now!!!!!!!

Musiq Soul's picture

Wonderful and creative. Sir Greendown sounds like a song from the 70s or 60s Luv the whole thing :)

The Digital Gardener's picture

The best album of 2010 by a mile.

Ahultstrom's picture

Love it! incredibly infectious in the best possible way!

Is there any chance "The Audition" will be released to buy? I'd love to buy it, and I'd love to buy it here.

Keep working on the Emotion picture! I love the short films!

kelsquatch's picture

I love this album. Love. I just went to see Janelle Monae in St. Louis. Ms. Monae and Band were great- I knew I was seeing something Big. I think its only going to get hotter! Looking forward to a full night of Janelle Monae when she leaves Of Montreal at home- they are a fun band but the Lady as got something to say that feeds the World!!!

MJJs_Stargate__'s picture

Keep IT Analog. Shamone!!!

teecee's picture

Oops, one more thing...I am really having a hard time picking a favorite song....they are all so so good

teecee's picture

I feel like I have been on the ride of my life, listening to your amazing album Janelle. I feel happy, inspired and cannot get enough of the music...I feel like you paid homage to the B52's, James Brown, Micheal Jackson, Many artists from the 70's and put your spin and signature through all of it. Just when I think it's the music that draws me, I watch you dance and am thrilled by those crazy feet. But then I listen to your incredible voice and stand in awe of the education and creativity of your songwriting..... I just pray that the world continues to put you and your sound on their radar. Cheers to you and thank for the inspiration...

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photoshopnaht's picture

The best!

photoshopnaht's picture

I love this album.. I have to have it!

Android 57832 Steven Woods's picture

Very good I Give it A 5/5 Good Job.

Steven Woods

Nikolai's picture

greetings from Saint Petersburg, RU. thanks for excellent music, discovered through your interview on the BBC

Trishauna's picture

Omg, Janelle Monae! I love you so much! These songs are unbelievably amazing!

unb's picture

Janelle... you and your album are just brilliant. I can't describe how much i loved your voice, your style and everything about you! I've been a MJ's fan for 2 years and when i listen to The ArchAndroid i can hear there an influence of him. James Brown as well.
These songs are just amazing, but my favs are Cold War, Faster, Come Alive (your voice, wow), Locked Inside, BaBopBye Ya and Say You'll Go (Claude Debussy!).
I'm going to go to your concert in Poland... Seeya!

Ron!'s picture

The ArchAndroid........such a work of deserve every accolade for this album, Janelle Monae. Futuristic Souuuuuuuuulllll!!! :D


Sir Tifficatt's picture

Singer of Songs is an idiot. She should marry me. Worthy? Insecure? Love conquers all. So be cool, be kind and be forever. First came across Janelle when I was preparing teaching resources and downloaded the video Open Happiness. Across my monitor walked this beautiful young woman with a brilliant smile and warm, sunny personality. Then I heard her sing her part and ...... Wooow! From there to Google and Archandroid. What can I say? Stunning. Original. Music to make you dance, fall in love, think and cry. Cold War videoooooooooooooh so good. In fact all artistic input is first rate. And she's kept the eyebrows. Respect. Makes me love her even more.

Barude's picture

Hello Janelle, I'm a Brazilian fan and I heard your CD ArchAndroid and simply loved it, as well as the live performance at Dave Letterman Show. Come sing in Porto Alegre. Success forever! Sorry for my bad english

digitalpharaoh's picture

"Dashing Prince or Horny Toad..." ;)

mochalatte1102's picture

I don't know what to say....this album is truly amazing! I've been listening to this album almost everyday in the car since it dropped in May! It's like I'm actually listening in on an Opera!! Every single track is AMAZING!! I love how she tells the love story of Anthony Greendown and Cindy Mayweather one could only hope to find love like that in their lifetime. BaBopBye Ya literally gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it the orchestra is incredible! If you haven't already BUY THE ALBUM!! =)