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The ArchAndroid

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May 17, 2010
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She should marry John Legend. Or Omar Lye Fook....if he is not gay. They'd make pretty, musical babies. No one else is worthy. Or...she should remain single because anyone else would be too insecure and she'd do a Whitney Houston on us. Those two are her only prospects. She's our Lady Gaga and may stay single like Oprah because she's a national treasure.

Love you, Janelle!

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Locked Inside has the start of MJ's Rock With You sampled at 00.15, the drum Roll I respect her even more for touches like that because to me she's like a female MJ without the apparent troubles

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IT DOES!!! I mean that in a good way. O and the guitar run part towards the very end sounds a lot like "Contusion" from Songs in the Key of Life. She also uses the line "killing plagues the citizens" which is from "Village Ghetto Land". I think "Locked Inside" is meant to be a Stevie Wonder inspired track (just as Tightrope was meant to be James Brown-esque). Anyway, it's just awesome to see someone who is this talented emulating the best and adding her own unique style to it as well.

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Does anyone else think "Locked Inside" sounds like "Golden Lady" by Stevie Wonder?

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Thank you from Spain for this wonderful album!!

MyTop 10:

#1 Say You'll Go
# 2 Oh, Maker
# 3 BaBopBye Ya
# 4 Suite III Overture "Neon Valley Street"
# 5 Dance Or Die
# 6 Sir Greendown
# 7 57821
# 8 Make The Bus
# 9 Neon Gumbo
# 10 Wondaland

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I actually think this album is like 10x better than metropolis. And I LOVED metropolis. That's how much i love this album. :D

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This album is just as GREAT as METROPOLIS! Its so nice 2 hear good music again especially with all the garbage thats put out now a days, not only does J. Monae sing well the lyrics r good 2!!!!

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jaymonae! again i love you! and thank you for arriving on this musical scene as your *ish is da bomb! you are a perfect jolt/shot up the arm of a music industry (that looks like me...and you) that i was beginning to lose total faith in. you have allowed my mind to wander and wonder the way it did when i was a young woman in school. new and green. i totally want to understand your angle, the theatrics, see the music the way you are intending to deliver it. consider me a new disciple! thank you and DONT STOP!

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JANELLE MONAE is a beautiful neon android, monochrome James Brown dancing, David Bowie morphing, orchestral phenomena and so much more..pure genius!!!!!

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Nice, CocoVOO, I totally agree. I ordered this album off of, and i'm gonna get it it 3 days. I'm sooo excited!! :D

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there are truly NO words in my vocabulary that can describe this album! I'll say it's perfection... but that doesn't necessarily JUSTIFY it!

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I just bought the album and o my god it is 1 of the best albums i have heard in a long time

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Your music is incredible and exactly what i have been searchin for. I've been dyin to find an artist that i can consistantly listen to. Thank you and please please please keep up the amazing work.

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I just discovered your music when reading an article on new albums to listen to. I was captured by your "The Archandroid" cover, and I'm glad I was. I just have to say I LOOOOOVE your music!

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I like this album because Janelle doesn't degrade herself while making beautiful music. I'm a teenager, and constantly seeing Beyonce or Shakira or someone, shaking their asses at my TV screen does nothing for me. I really don't understand the desire to be semi-naked while performing. So thank you Janelle. You've given me inspiration through your music, and I respect you because you don't follow through with smutty poses on my telly. In fact, I loved your video for "Tightrope". Thank you.

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new janelle monae SUPER-fan! xoxoxo

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I'm so happy you finally come in France, I'm probably the biggest french fan XD

I've been waiting for 2 years >

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Actually addicted to this album. I love how the whole album is like a musical piece on broadway (west end over here)... right from the opening full song of Dance or Die and how it flows into the next couple of songs to the dramatic end of BaBopBye Ya... the story is set. I love it... as a fan of stuff like wicked I could picture it all on stage.

Faves are:
Locked Inside (for the message)
Cold War (for the passion and energy)
Wondaland (for the originality)
BaBopBye Ya (for the drama and beauty)

Janelle please come to London MORE! Me and my friends will be there everytime!!

From ur major fan Patrice

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"Tightrope feat. Big Boi"
"Neon Valley Street"
"Say You'll Go"

are my fave !!!!!

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"Oh, Maker"
"Say You'll Go"
"Mushrooms & Roses"
"Locked Inside"
"Neon Valley Street"
"Make The Bus"
are my mainnnn favorites! but the album overall is just excellent! ^_^
it motivates me to get things done and stay positive! :)

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Easily the best album I've brought in the past year or two. It is so strong with visual concepts and the lyrics are something completely different. The obvious care to detail and love that has gone into this album alone are striking from beginning to end. I highly recommend this album to everyone.

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L'album est juste INCROYABLE ! J'adore ;D

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OMG! I am so in love with you! Your style, your genius. You go, girl.


oNCe AgAin: please come to CANADA...TORONTO...MONTREAL...OR/AND EVEN OTTAWA...cant afford to go to the states, but cant afford to miss this RIDE...THANK YOU...BECAUSE i HAVENT FELT THIS since michael JACKSON

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Magnifique Album tres bel univers

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This album is seriously brilliant. Janelle Monae is such a fabulous singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and on and on and on and on... please come to Canada/Northern US so I can see you perform!

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i love this lady...her music is classic it that jump to type of music

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I am so happy to know that Janelle is still an ARTIST!!!! We have enough singers! I absolutley LOVE this album and so happy to know that she is back! I wish she recieved much more attention because this form of art needs to be heard world wide! Love this!


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I was going to share this album with a friend but because of your one word he can't.
Janelle is amazing without cussing.
She doesn't feel the need to cuss to look cool, she is cool and knows it, follow her lead and get with the program!
The entire album because of one word. Come on BigBoi, your better then that. You can do better then that.