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Metropolis - The Chase Suite

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I love it too!!!

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The Audition; Loved It!
Metropolis; Loved It!
The Archandroid; Adored It!

My top 3 Songs; Mushrooms & Roses,
Many Moons
And My Favorite Nothing

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I just love love love your version of smile, Brava!!!!

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There are not Comments To describe This Woman , She's Perfect And We Will Listen To Her For A Lot Of Years...
Many Kisses Janelle Monáe... Your Music Saves My Life And My Ears...
i Cant Wait you In Brazil

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I have rarely seen music that I consider worth paying for. Love the style, love the theme, really artistic and really inspired. Wish you would come to Montreal and also wish I had more money so I could buy the tickets haha. (I'll post this on the other album's comments to because they are both included in my thoughts)

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You are a true artist because you are true to your craft.

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Violet Stars Happy Hunting! : I like the remix on this bad boy

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yo your music is so cool your one of my favorite artist

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I love your music! I will be buying this asap. Congrats to your success and continue to live your dream

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amazing is not a worthy word to describe your music. i love it

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I love this album it is creative as the archandroid. FIVE STARS!!!

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A very good introduction into the music of Janelle.

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Dear Mr. President, You might want to watch this. In fact, maybe you are in on it too.

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Create for me, many moons to light my way....

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Love It!!! 5/5stars

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Smile-Michael Jackson :)

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One of the few albums where I absolutely love all the songs. I was recommending her to someone and they asked what my favorite was, such an impossible question!

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i love this album especiallly many moons and i enjoy the video very amazing keep up the good work girl you are so awsome you have a way of making people feeling good about themselves listening to your music and i feel your energy.

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This is it!..."My Sista"!... Time for Right Thinking.... I truly feel every note and chord to the bone. Keep your music going on and on! ....We Queens and Kings are waking up and getting recalls on our hearts,minds,and souls.... Stay True! Surely LOVE is on the way!!!

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Was just wondering, are the two added songs counted into the Suites or not?
was just listening to it from the beginning to end, loving it by the way.
It's just felt a bit odd, as "Sincerly, Jane" is perfect to be placed in front of "Suite II Overture", the two in between seem a bit out of place. So, are they just bonus tracks or do they belong to the saga?
Can't wait for Suite IV and the video album to all the songs, music hasn't been that inspired in ages. You have a lot of good musicians and singers, but this is a whole other level of inspiration.

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J'adore !

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I Love This album I Like the first 4 tracks I like Cindi's Story Its about her and the droids just Running and in danger and it makes me want to know how her and the droids will make it through

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Oh my goodness is it really so?......Music is trying to make a comeback in the form of Janelle Monae's voice! I haven't heard lyrics and vocal skills so good since Jill Scott and India Arie and like them Ms. Monae didnt have to take off a single article of clothing 2 make people notice!!! This Music is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

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Archandroid..... Just messes me up. For the fact that I'm huge on reincarnation. Makes you feel like some to most songs are AT you, rather than to you. Can make some folk take off looking for her. I'm not that nuts, though. I don't think..... She still on tour? lol

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She has a Great voice...Luv her music

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It was love at first listen.